Aerial view of Akagera National Park's wetlands.

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Akagera lies on the eastern border of Rwanda, making it easy to visit and admire the wildlife – from lion to rhino – that now calls this beautiful savannah and wetland home.

About Akagera

Widely considered to be one of the most scenic parks in central-eastern Africa, Akagera’s extraordinary biodiversity ranges from impressive herds of herbivores that graze the open plains to rare and elusive birds that frequent the swamps. Following lion and rhino reintroductions, Akagera now boasts thriving populations of these, as well as elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe and leopard, while the waterways teem with hippo and enormous crocodiles.

Akagera comprises a spectacular open expanse of wilderness and wetlands and lakes – in fact, a third of the 1,200 km² Park is dominated by water, making it the largest protected wetland in eastern-central Africa. Birders can seek out several Lake Victoria-endemic species including the red-faced barbet and papyrus gonolek.

Where to Stay

Visiting Akagera National Park is one of the best ways to support communities, wildlife conservation and the long-term success of Africa’s wild areas. Choose from the different accommodation options available below and enjoy a spectacular wildlife experience.

Experience Akagera

Akagera is a convenient and beautiful park to visit. It can be a short getaway for those living in Rwanda, a fascinating combination with Nyungwe National Park, or an easy add-on before or after visiting the gorillas.

Despite being relatively small, Akagera is home to an impressive array of wildlife. Since 2010, when African Parks was invited to manage the park, wildlife numbers have rebounded dramatically.

Akagera remains a relatively undiscovered gem, so enjoy excellent wildlife sightings without the crowds.

*All activities are located in the south of the Park.

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